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Run With Recruiters LET'S GO FOR A RUN - Victoria Park

2022-08-11 06:00 - 07:00 @ Victoria Park


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Welcome to Run with Recruiters

****************WE WILL BE GOING FOR A RUN TODAY************************

I will ask you to assess your skill level; the goal will be to actively participate in an approximately 30-35 minute run. It will also be a combination of both trail and pavement running so please be prepared.   

                                     Dependent on where your assessment lands it will be a 5 km run or a 7 km run. 

***I will suggest that, if after your self assessment, and you deem yourself unable to be able to complete a 5 km distance in under 40 minutes(or average pace of 8min/km) you may wish to choose to opt out this specific RWR event.

We will try and host more of these "Running" days throughout the coming weeks so hopefully you will have an opportunity to particpate in the next one(s).

We will end the workout with a circuit to close off the day similar to our typical RWR events time dependent.


  • Please plan to be in attendance for 0550 hrs so we can start on time 
  • Please arrive ready in workout gear 
  • Please ensure you are still monitoring your symptoms and do not attend if you are feeling unwell - you do not have to email us if is this the case
  • As we will be departing from this location on foot, we will allow for valuables to be kept in our recruiting vehicles as well if need be, however if you don't bring your cell phone that day we will be able to check you in through the app upon your arrival
  • We will also have a vehicle mobile just in case anyone needs to be collected for first aid related reasons while on the course

The Run with a Recruiter (RWR) Program was developed in the spring of 2012 to give applicants an opportunity to workout and also gain insight in what to expect, both in Recruit Training Class and in a career with the Edmonton Police Service. The RWR workouts may include cardio and strength conditioning. Workouts will range from a long run to a circuit style workout, or both.

The RWR is an opportunity to workout alongside EPS members, ask questions, and meet other people who are also interested in a policing career.  It also gives applicants a chance to gauge their physical readiness prior to applying. The Recruit Selection Unit strongly recommends that applicants attend the RWR Program prior to and during the application process.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Run With Recruiters LET'S GO FOR A RUN - Victoria Park

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