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2022-07-27 06:00 - 07:00 @ McNally Highschool


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Welcome to the Beep Academy

Summer has arrived and we want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward if you are thinking about or have already entered the Edmonton Police Service application process.  By now you should know that one of the stages of our application is a physical fitness assessment during Stage 3 of the process.  This stage consists of the APREP(an obstacle course) and of course reaching level 7 on the shuttle test.

If you are assigned to this stage and you pass the APREP but fail to reach level 7 on the shuttle test then you are required to return on another date to try again.  We would rather you come into this exam fully prepared and confident with your skills and we want to help you feel that way.

We have created an 8 week program which will take place July 13 - August 31, 2022.  We recognize that not everyone will be able to come out to every week however even if you are able to make it out to 2 or 3 events you will still benefit from your time with us.  As with RWR anyone over the age of 18 can register and are welcome to join us.

What you can expect from these events is of course the shuttle run(beep test).  Every day we will be running the shuttle test to start and the rest of the 60 minutes will be filled with a variation of speed work, hill work, stairs and resistance training.

We want this to be a fun event, but still motivating to push you out of your comfort zone even if that means you only improve by 1 stage by the end of the program.  

We will giving out prizes for a variety of categories at the end of the program as well.

We know that running the shuttle test solo can be very de-motivating so hopefully coming out and being amongst other people with similar goals and everyone cheering each other on will be that extra motivation to keep going.

For each day of the event:

  • 50-60 minute sessions
  • An opportunity for you to practice the Beep Test (Being able to run a minimum of level 7 on the Beep Test is one of the requirements to join EPS)
  • The session will consist of running the Beep Test, follow by a variation of speed work, hill work, stairs and resistance training
  • Hand sanitizer provided
  • Althought the AHS guidelines are no longer in effect we do still ask that our attendees monitor their symptoms and be respectful and considerate of the other attendees

You may receive an automatic email after registering for this event please consider that you confirmaton email Confirmation emails with NOT be sent out

See you there! 

Beep Academy

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