Run with Recruiters presents

Intro to Run with Recruiters- Woodcroft Community League

2022-08-19 06:00 - 07:00 @ Woodcroft Community League


Intro to Run with Recruiters

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Event Details

Welcome to Run with Recruiters! This is an introductory session to see what the Run with Recruiters program is like! It will include a light warm up, intro to the Shuttle Run, and a light-moderate body weight circuit. The session will conclude with a 15 min information session about a policing career with the EPS, the application process, Q & A, and more! 

This session will be held at Woodcroft Community League 13915 115 Ave near Coronation Park - please note the speed limit for this residential area is 40km/hr

  • Please meet in the field by ball diamond #4 (see map)
  • Please plan to be in attendance for 0555 hrs so we can start on time 
  • Please arrive ready in workout gear with a water bottle
    • Water bottle
    • layered clothing - the weather is unknown and unpredictable sometimes so come prepared as best you can - we will be present rain or shine
    • towel or a yoga mat for the dewy grass in the mornings
    • Suggested Items to bring
  • Please ensure you are still monitoring your symptoms and do not attend if you are feeling unwell - you do not have to email us if is this the case


  • Please ensure you bring your phone(if you have one) and you will be asked to check yourself in - Just go back to your "Home page" and select "Check in" - we will be rolling into a self-check in ONLY - notice will be provided at that time
    • IF you are NOT checked in you will NOT get credit for your attendance. To ntoe, we track all applicants who attend
    • Check in feature will not be active until approximately 30 mins prior to event

You may receive an automatic email after registering for this event; however, please consider this your confirmation email. 

See you there! 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Intro to Run with Recruiters- Woodcroft Community League

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