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Run With Recruiters - Northwest Police Campus

2024-04-22 19:00 - 20:00 @ Northwest Police Campus


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Welcome to Run with Recruiters!

The Run with a Recruiter (RWR) Program was developed in the spring of 2012 to give applicants an opportunity to workout and also gain insight in what to expect, both in Recruit Training Class and in a career with the Edmonton Police Service. The RWR workouts may include cardio and strength conditioning. Workouts will range from a long run to a circuit style workout, or both.

The RWR is an opportunity to workout alongside EPS members, ask questions, and meet other people who are also interested in a policing career.  It also gives applicants a chance to gauge their physical readiness prior to applying. The Recruit Selection Unit strongly recommends that applicants attend the RWR Program prior to and during the application process.

On Monday evenings throughout the summer(non-stat holidays) we will be hosting Run with Recruiters at the Northwest Police Campus


  • Please plan to meet at the main doors of Northwest Police Campus at 1840 hrs so we can start on time.  Please wait in your vehicles and do not try to enter prior as there is only limited space in the foyer. 
  • Plan to arrive ready in workout gear (t-shirt, no sleeveless tops), with clean/dry indoor runners, and a water bottle.
  • Please ensure you are still monitoring your symptoms and do not attend if you are feeling unwell - you do not have to email us if is this the case.
  • Please ensure you bring your phone(if you have one) and you will be asked to check yourself in - Just go back to your "Home page" and select "Check in" - we will be rolling into a self-check in ONLY - notice will be provided at that time
    • IF you are NOT checked in you will NOT get credit for your attendance - and YES we track all applicants who attend
    • Check in feature will not be active until approximately 30 mins prior to event


  • Please review the picture attached to the registration details - PARKING will be in the Edmonton Remand Parking Lot in the stalls circled AND sightly further to the south - as there are VERY limited parking at the campus for visitor please DO NOT park at the Northwest Divisional Campus as the police station is still functional as the front counter is open until 2000 hrs

You may receive an automatic email after registering for this event - consider that your confirmation email. 

This is a voluntary event and the EPS is not responsible for any injury that may occur as a result of participating in RWR. Please do not exceed your own physical limitations.

See you there! 

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